Thermoelectric devices

אינדקס חברות וספקים

Thermoelectric devices



 RIF Corporation develops and manufactures products that offer high reliability, stable quality and innovative solutions

 For the first time in the product produces by RIF Corporation the «Pot» thermos generating batteries were used to generate electricity in hiking and living conditions

 For the first time in the world practice of railway engineering RIF Corporation started to produce microclimate systems for cab locomotives

 By using the latest technologies (including nano-technologies) and the effective management, RIF Corporation has reached a qualitatively new level of development that meets specific customer requirements and dynamically responds to the needs of world markets


Jacket and helmet with Cooling / Heating


Thermoelectric unit is a compact, environmental friendly, pollutant-free, safe

and reliable system providing heating or cooling air being fed to Jacket and

Helmet by special air ducts. Openings in air ducts provide cool/warm air

outlet to the interior of Jacket and Helmet.

Control Unit with digital indication allows automatic electronic adjustment

and maintenance of supplied air temperature. User may smoothly adjust

temperature parameters to achieve maximum comfort. Moreover, Airflow Tap

provides control of airflow rate


Main application for a Jacket with Thermoelectric Unit is cooling / heating

human body exposed to extreme temperature conditions. Two modifications

are available for stationary and mobile applications. Main users are air defense system operators, drivers of special vehicles, rescue teams, special military and police troops, helicopter pilots.

1 ТЕ Cooling / Heating Unit

2 Jacket

3 Helmet

4 Air Ducts

5 Temperature Control Unit

6 Airflow Control Tap

Maximum Cooling Power, W 120

Maximum Temperature Drop of Supplied Air, °C 12 … 15

Airflow Rate, m3 per hour 16… 21

Airflow Pressure, mm of water 170

Power Consumption, W 170

Voltage, Vdc 12 /24/27

Cooling unit Overall Dimensions, mm 360 х 185 х 170

Weight, kg 5,0


Thermoelectric generators


The camp thermoelectric generator

The camp thermoelectric generator «POT» is intended to receive electric power in camp conditions by heating it with water over a fire or any other heat source.

The operating principle of the PTG-40-DC is based on direct
conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy on the basis of
the Seebeck effect. Electric power is generated by thermoelectric
batteries, containing semiconductor elements. Thermoelectric
batteries generate direct electrical current when a temperature
difference between hot and cold sides is provided.

The PTG is easy in use. To receive electrical power it is necessary to fill water in pot and place it on a fire (or fix it on a support). The supply of electric devices by direct voltage 12V is done through a plug, which is located on control unit cabinet of the PTG. The supply of electric devices by alternating 220 voltage is done through a converter socket DC/AC , which is included in the PTG supply set.

The product «POT» enables you to prepare not only fish soup or boil water but at the same time provides electrical supply to the following electricity consumers:

  • Charging and operation of cell phone, notebook, radio set, TV set
  • Car battery charging
  • Radio station supply
  • Light bulb supply

Generator is a crash proof and ecologically clean product. There are no flammable materials in PTG and it makes this product flameproof and reliable.


Technical characteristics



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